Friday, 25 May 2018

Bullying Poem

Today I made a poem about bullying. This bullying poem was apart of our bullying poster. We had to make a poster and then when we were done we had to make a bullying activity. The things we had to choose from where a song, a rap and a poem and I chose a poem. I hope you like my Bullying Poem.


  1. You have identified some of the common ways of bullying. It is very sad. Maybe next time you could add a few more descriptive words or language to help paint a picture in the readers mind.

  2. Hi Jacqueline,
    Im Anna from St Patrick's school I think this is a very nice & descriptive, Maybe next time you could explain it a little better :) it was still very good, Bullying shouldn't happen! feel free to check out my blog. just click my name :)